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Our company offers a complete and professional Tree Care services in Northwest Houston for commercial and residential clients. Fully Licensed and Insured.

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About Us

We design, develop, maintain and balance existing and new gardens, 

always aware of all the diverse needs of homes and businesses, making sure a landscape project stays safe for your children, family members, employees, or clients, so that you can be as confident with the installation process as you are with the finished product.

Our experienced team is qualified for tasks such as cutting down trees, trimming bushes and hedges and cutting the grass to make the outdoors of your property reflect all the beauty you can enjoy, or make the best impression with your business.


We love to be outdoors, and we want you to, too! 

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Costumer Service

Contact with Nature and customer service are my passions.  That is why I really enjoy my work at Grasshoppers Tree Cut, where I have the opportunity to serve so many wonderful people.  My clients are a priority, and I am always focused on their satisfaction, offering solutions to their needs at the best price.

 My motto: "Fair prices, happy customers"

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Operation Manager

I love Nature, architecture and construction.  I like to focus on details, and order.  At Grasshoppers Tree Cut, I’m very fortunate to have developed these skills over the past 10 years.

 I am very demanding when selecting my work team: talent and professionalism are essential requirements, since the satisfaction of our clients is our best letter of introduction.

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