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Create a beautiful flower bed, install a water fountain, a sprinkler or drain system. You name it, our team will take your backyard to the next level

Landscape Design

Our team is ready to take your garden to the next level. Grasshoppers offers flower bed design, water fountains installation, turf installation, gravel paths, paver edging, and more features to create your dreamy garden.

(we do not offer lawn mowing service)

Sprinkler System Intsallation

A sprinkler system waters your lawn in a controlled manner similar to rainfall, this will maintain your garden green and beautiful throughout the seasons. At Grasshoppers our professional team uses great quality equipment to install automatic sprinkler systems in front and back yards.

French Drain Installation

This underground drainage system (also known as storm drain) is the most commonly used in Houston and surrounding areas to prevent flooding in yards. Grasshoppers will assess your space to determine if a french drain is the proper solution for your garden. If so, our team of experts will take care of the installation.

Land Cleaning

Has your backyard gone wild? Our professional team will trim, prune and do a deep clean so that the sun shines again in your garden.

(we do not offer lawn mowing service)

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